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Tour « Tailor-made » for you

The tours we offer are drawn up with you, taking into account your specific wishes. We can naturally suggest particular circuits that we have tried and tested and which we think would be most suitable for you. We know these trails inside out, so well in fact, that we can, and enjoy adapting our efforts to your individual needs. Depending on what you want to do, we can easily adjust an itinerary, improve it or even recommend other activities. Whether it’s on motorbike, quad, bike or on horseback, our excursions are packed full of fun and adventure and we hope to share that fun and adventure with you.


We witness so many different types of landscape on our travels each day that no one day is the same. Desert conditions, forests, rocky terrain, rolling green hills, so much beauty to feast your eyes upon. So beautiful in fact that you just wish you could freeze time.

Who can participate in one of our tours ?

Anyone can take part. You just simply need to have a sense of adventure and enjoy meeting new people. When we go off on these trips, we often stay overnight with the locals. These are quite simply moments of pure pleasure as these people tend to have a very straightforward way of life, far removed from the hustle and bustle of our modern society. From Tafoghalt to Debdou, from Taourirt to Guefaït and from Jerada to Figuig via numerous little villages, there is always some little delight to take your breath away.

Our commitment to you

If an excursion with the Raid Oriental team interests you, then we would be delighted to meet you to discuss the most suitable circuit. Jump on and ride the Raid Oriental Express for an experience you’ll never forget.

See you soon !

Quad / Motos


Yamaha Bruin 350

Raid Oriental has selected the Yamaha Bruin 350 model as its choice of quad bike. Quite simply because of its ease of use, its high performance brakes, its excellent manoeuvrability and its comfort. These are obvious qualities that we look for in our choice of motorbike. Those experienced riders among you will recognise these standards, while those of you who are less experienced in the art of motorcycling will soon appreciate the luxury and comfort of these bikes.

For experts and amateurs alike, this quad is easily handled. Beginners, don’t panic ! A quick run-through of the gears with our expert guides before setting off will soon reassure you. Remember, each to their own speed but safety first for all of us. We have 10 high-quality quads available for you to enhance this unforgettable experience.

You can also bring your own quad and this will be deducted from the overall price.


Yamaha TTR 250 and 600

Yet again we have picked Yamaha as our motorcycle of choice as it’s the best and most reliable in our opinion. Raid Oriental has an excellent range of TTR 250 and 600 bikes for you to choose from.

Robust, easy to ride regardless of your level, this is an exceptional motorcycle for this kind of trip. Our tours aren’t about competing against each other but about having fun with your fellow riders. Our experienced Enduro (long distance off-road endurance race) motorcyclists can easily adapt to any level and enjoy all kinds of tour. We have five TTR 250 and four TTR 600 motorcycles for you to choose from.

You can also bring your own motorcycle and this will be deducted from the overall price.


The photos speak for themselves. Whether it’s a trek on horseback, mule or donkey, everything is possible and quite simply magical ! These treks can last anything from a few hours to a few days in the breathtaking Beni-Snassen mountains. You will stay at Raid Oriental HQ, in little traditional North African style chalets or in the spectacular Ksar (typical North African village consisting of attached houses), which we have created, in accordance with the local architecture, to further enhance the Moroccan experience.


Hikes are also highlights of our organised tours. A picnic in the mountains or an overnight stay with the locals, these are just some of the things you can enjoy when you set off on one of our hiking tours. These vary in length according to your wishes. This is a real opportunity to marvel at nature for all those who enjoy the great outdoors. While these excursions differ from our motorcycle outings, they are every bit as rewarding and enjoyable.

Moutain Biking

Another great way to discover this beautiful region is by mountain bike. These particular tours are an excellent combination of fun and sightseeing with the opportunity to spend quality time with others. Several circuits are on offer, catering for everyone’s needs and levels. Half-day and 5-day trips are available for groups of 5 or more.

These excursions will be up and running from April 2009.

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