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The Team

At the start of this wonderful adventure, here are a few friends and some essential requirements :

We asked a close friend, who is not part of the team, for an unbiased opinion of the people you are going to meet…what follows are a few lines written under duress !

"Each person is responsible for everyone. Each person is responsible for him/herself. Each person is both responsible for him/herself and for everyone"

Our team is made up of many different individuals, which is one of its major qualities. We are at your service to make your stay exceptional and different from all the rest. So join us and share these magical moments in surroundings which are every bit as enchanting ! Our aim is your pleasure and your enjoyment is our reward.


Cédric, the youngest in the team, is also the most enthusiastic. Despite his young age, his numerous trips throughout the world have given him a solid grounding in many aspects. His happy-go-lucky attitude is infectious and it’s a pleasure to have him in your company. Constantly on the look-out for new adventures and experiences, he is an extremely open-minded and astute individual. He has a charming personality and although he may be serious when giving advice before each departure, he ensures that your pleasure and enjoyment is paramount. He’s an accomplished athlete as well as being an experienced and avid motorcyclist. Together with his friend and colleague, Claudet, they form a formidable partnership. With them at the helm of this Moroccan adventure, you are guaranteed a memorable trip !


With a constant smile and good sense of humour, this pragmatic and ingenious character is the exclusive Yamaha dealer for South West France. A keen traveller and fine connoisseur of Africa and Morocco in particular, where he has organised many tours and rally events. He never leaves anything to chance and the tours he arranges are always organised right down to the smallest detail. If you want to really accelerate and go off the beaten track, Claudet knows all the little paths to take. His sound knowledge of all things mechanical and his well-grounded expertise avoid any long-term problems with the bikes. He really is an interesting individual who will entertain with tales of his many travels. What more can we say ? He’s almost an icon here in our beautiful corner of France.


Jean-Michel is a modest,cheerful character who enjoys nothing more than travelling around the world. In charge of logistics, he ensures that no stone is left unturned in making your stay with us both first-class and memorable. If something is not 100% perfect, Jean-Michel has an impressive knack of always finding the right solution. For us he’s absolutely essential to the team. Capable of almost anything, he continually impresses with his impeccable organisational skills, commitment, wisdom, not to mention his cooking ! He’s quite simply a man who lives life to the full.


Thierry is one of our assistants. His good sense of humour and jovial nature are second to none. With Thierry around, you’ll lack nothing as he is attentive to your every need ! Even in the most unexpected situations and in the most remote places, Thierry will be there to get you a cold drink or whatever you need. You just have to ask him ! This fearless globe-trotter isn’t short of a story or two and he’ll regale you with tales of his travels. As well as being an excellent host and a generally endearing individual, he’s also a real joker and a pretty unique dancer, who livens up our evening activities. The journey itself is worth it, just to meet Thierry !


You will perhaps be fortunate enough to meet Claude during your journey with us. Claude works behind the scenes and is therefore the hidden but vital member of Raid Oriental. Extremely precise, Claude doesn’t do things in half-measures. He manages our finances, stocks, staff members, to name but a few of his duties. If you happen to come across Claude, you will appreciate his company as his easy-going personality is both comforting and reassuring. Chatty and with a geuine interest in people around him, this observant young man enjoys nothing more than sitting around a camp fire talking and sometimes even telling the fascinating story of how Raid Oriental began !


Soufiane is the life and soul of Raid Oriental. We would even go so far as calling him our team mascot. He has been involved with Raid Oriental since its inception. He’s somewhat of a legend in his native town of Berkane and walking through it with him can nearly take an entire day as everybody knows him and stops to chat. Being the kind soul that he is, he always stops for a chat, stops to tell someone a joke or has a drink at a pavement café with a family friend. His family, like him, are all legends in these parts. With a keen interest in politics, especially of his native country, he has a rebellious nature and the Che Guevara baseball cap, planted firmly on his head is testament to that. He’s also a fanatic and walking encyclopedia when it comes to football. Whilst being very patriotic, he also has a very open outlook on world affairs. A passionate sportsman, he is part of all our excursions, either as an assistant or guide. His endless line of jokes will brighten up your day. His adventurous and fun-loving nature personifies the spirit of Raid Oriental.


And finally a feminine touch to our male-dominated team. And what a lady she is ! Enthusiastic, bright, with an extraordinary eye for detail and a wonderful smile which lights up her face,she’s full of energy and never seems to stop. Highly intelligent wife of the famous Claudet, she has made a name for herself in the team on her own merit. You will have the chance to meet her on your Raid Oriental trip in the Beni-Snassen mountains !


Alain is the managing director of Raid Oriental. In short, he can do everything. He is organised, conscientious and extremely hard-working and he will be accompanying us on certain trips. Whether working as an assistant or a guide, Alain who is as discreet as he is endearing, will impress you with his constant attention to detail and concern for your comfort and pleasure. Behind his sometimes distant look, he is continually wondering if everything is in order and to the satisfaction of everyone. His consistent aim is for everyone to enjoy themselves. Extremely efficient with his hands, he can skilfully remove, repair and put back an engine in perfect working order. Alain has an engaging personality and a highly infectious laugh.

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