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What follows is a brief description of the Oriental Region, one of the Moroccan regions which is less well known but which has totally captivated us. It is one of Morocco’s 16 regions, situated in the North-East. To the north lies the Mediterranean, to the west the province of Nador, to the east Algeria and to the south-west, the Meknès-Tafilalet region.

There are three types of natural landscape

Exceptional diversity

Despite the obvious attraction of its 4000 kilometres of trails which we have singled out, from the Mediterranean to the jewel in the Arab crown, Figuig with its beautiful palm groves, it’s the extraordinary richness of its landscape which fascinates us most of all. The Beni-Snassen Massif, the Moulouya Valley, the Rekkam Plateau, the Haut-Guir and the High Plateaux are all examples of a Morocco, rich in history and rarely visited by tourists. A paradise we want to share with you.

Tafoghalt, Our favourite maroccan destination

Tucked away in the Beni-Snassen mountains is Tafoghalt. Its lush green valleys and easily- accessible peaks dotted with forests where you can find a wealth of game, provide the perfect backdrop. It’s no surprise then that Raid Oriental decided to set up its business here, with a privately-run charming hotel which fits in harmoniously with its surroundings. It’s also the starting point of the many excursions we organise. With its superb views and tranquil location, you can sit back, relax and take in its natural beauty every evening. This region has so many hidden charms for tourists to discover, like the Beni-Snassen mountains and the well-known "Grotte des Pigeons Cave", where archeologists discovered prehistoric human remains.
There is also the "Grotte du Chameau" (Camel Cave), which is so called because the mountains where it is situated resemble the humpback shape of a camel. This is an ideal picnic spot, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the wooded landscape where game animals roam freely. Admire the amazing scenery and breathe in the wonderful aromas of the Zegzel Valley with its winding tracks through orange and pomegranate trees. The quaint little douar villages perched on the valley slopes are truly charming. Add to that the warm and welcoming atmosphere provided by the Raid Oriental team, and you have an experience you’ll never forget.


Tafoghalt is ideally situated, close to Berkane and only ¾ hour from the Eastern Moroccan capital, Oujda, which has an international airport.


You will be amazed by Saïdia, situated in the north on the Mediterranean coast. Saïdia or the "Blue Pearl" as it is known, with its endless stretch of sandy beaches and excellent climate make it one of the most popular coastal resorts in northern Morocco. It has become a genuine tourist magnet, offering numerous artistic and cultural events. It is also home to a 19th century kasbah. It is situated near the River Kiss which represents a natural border with Algeria. The farewell party will be held here on our last evening.

So much to say, so much to see...

There are so many more things to say about the capital Oujda, which is modern and lively with its markets, mosques and Moorish houses. Then there’s Figuig " the magnificent" and all the other villages we have passed through, the people we’ve met, their way of life and the beautiful dawns and sunsets. A Morocco which is full of surprises and which we hope to share with you.

Join us and see for yourself these hidden charms.

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